Ok so I just posted my new "event".. I'm meeting (yet again) with Steve! I met him a few weeks back at a local shop. I wouldnt usually gush over something like this, but I'm just in la la land rofl. I feel like so many good things have come from my coffee obsession. Anyways We essentially met in line (after placing our orders) he playfully commented on my shirt (ok its LAME, but I'll take what I can get!.. don't ruin my moment!) I was wearing an I <3 D3str0y shirt with a cute robot painted on it. He said how awesome and unique it was and we just started talking about .. well.. everything. Of course upon grabbing his coffee he introduced himself and invited me over to a small two top table (swoon)... lets face it, I was going to sit alone lol, but this was MUCH better. Moving on, we exchanged stories about work, hobbies and the ever neutral subjust, music.. then friends. An hour had passed and I was actually LATE!!!! for another engagment so I eventually had to scoot. He gave me his number and I passed mine along as well. He seriosuly called that night like "Lets get together for real this time"! I'm like dreaming at this point, I'll spare you the mushy details, but we went out for lunch a day later and now we're due for another coffee romp.. EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I'll let you all know how it goes. Feeling SO exilerated and happy, its a great time right now.