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Yvonne Hakansson
Yvonne Hakansson
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  • John AlexanderYvonne Hakansson Yvonne, thank you so much for accepting my friendship. Do you have a favorite coffee or a favorite place to get coffee? I love the single origin coffees like a nice Mexico Chiapas or a Tanzania Peaberry. I can drink coffee from almost any cafe or coffee shop, Starbucks being my least favorite.
    profile 1225 days ago
  • John Alexander and Yvonne Hakansson are now friends
    friends 1226 days ago
  • Jessica JaffeYvonne Hakansson Can't wait to see you and Navin! I love how we all somehow manage to meet, even from different parts of the world!
    profile 1229 days ago
  • Oded Marcus and Yvonne Hakansson are now friends
    friends 1251 days ago

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