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I am happy married to my beautiful wife, Johnese, for 38 years. Two beautiful daughters, two great son-in-laws and four wonderful grandchildren. I am retired from the IT industry and now I am a full time Youth Director, at a local church, and a part-time coffee roaster. I own Close to Heaven Coffee which I specialize in Single Origin coffees. I roast on a Ambex YM-2. I have been roasting for three years.

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26515 Teri Court
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United States
John  Alexander
John Alexander
Great day of roasting and enjoying really good coffee.
1 year ago
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  • John Alexander Great day of roasting and enjoying really good coffee.
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  • Shane HarrisJohn Alexander Good day. I am happy to meet you. Do we know each other from somewhere?
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    John Alexander Good Morning Shane, no I don't think we know each other, except on this site. We seem to share a passion for coffee. Have a good day. Thanks for accepting the friend request.376 days ago
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  • John Alexander First day of roasting in my new room. It went outstanding. The room is so well organized everything is right where its needed. I am looking forward to many more roasts in the room. Roasting coffee so we can enjoy it and "Meet Over Coffee"
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  • John Alexander I am so excited my new roasting room is now completed, I moved my roaster, beans and everything into it today and start my roasting again tomorrow. Just so people can "Meet Over Coffee"
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    Over Coffee You've gotta post some photos when you have the chance, so we can all see what a "roasting room" looks like!377 days ago
  • John Alexander Had a new Roasting Room built for Close to Heaven Coffee. Moved in yesterday and today, start roasting again tomorrow. It's awesome.
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  • John Alexander WOW, I have been away from this site for way too long. Glad to be back interfacing with all my Coffee Friends. Still roasting and loving it.
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    Over Coffee Always a pleasure having you around, John. How's our favorite roaster from Texas?418 days ago
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  • John Alexander Busy day today, I was able to fix my espresso machine :) so I am feeling pretty good.
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  • John Alexander I am drinking Close to Heaven Coffee (Mexico Chiapas at a medium roast) made with a Turkish pot. It's a great smooth coffee.
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  • John Alexander
    Some coffee trivia:
    It takes about eight pounds of coffee cherry to make one pound of roasted coffee; 100 lbs. of coffee cherry produces approximately 12 lbs. of roasted coffee.
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