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What Coffee Brings at FatCats, Nicaragua

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I've been traveling down central america for 8 months now, my main transportation has been a dutch couples 40ft american school bus decked out with bunk beds, kitchen and sound system. Needless to say its been awesome. My mission has been to change the balance of work and play in my life, so far as I head south through the americas things have been good but earning money on the road is proving difficult.


Now in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua me and my Argentine friend head into FatCats a coffee shop that roasts there own beans filling the cafe/library with a delicious aroma. We have come for a coffee and not food, food here is to expensive for our dwindling purse's but the coffee is so good we cant resist. Also I have an other  motives, I need money to eat.


Im a Illustrator and Animator by trade back in New Zealand so drawing is second nature to me. We nestle into a couch and I begin to draw people. I don't like being pushy and a just love to draw so my idea is to try rely on generosity of people to help me out with money, I would draw someone sitting eating there meal or drinking there coffee then give them the picture and have a chat to them. 90% of the time they are friendly and are very happy with the drawing but because I never mention money they usually don't give me any.


One guy and his girl friend however are so chuffed and friendly they end up buying my friend and I lunch, another coffee and give me $20. For this I take some more time and perfect his drawing as we chat. It turns out we all have a lot in common. It turns out that he is the owner of one of the big clubs in town and noticing my friends devil sticks (fire toys) he asks if we would like to perform tonight as the clubs in full swing.


That night armed with a 4ft fire staff, devil sticks, fire poi and a water bottle filled with gasoline we stroll into the club and weave though the crowds. We find James by the bar making sure the nights going smooth.


'Wheres your hat?…your going to need a hat to go around the crowd collecting the money you'll earn for this' he asks with a sly grin. We laugh as he pulls of his hat and goes mines out asking people for money.


The dance floor of sand clears as we ignite a line of gasoline on the ground marking the area we need. People move to the beat of latin drums and swivel to see whats going on deep in the dance floor. My friend Mono lights his devil sticks that seem to almost explode, his showmanship is unmatched as he begins the joke with the crowd and spin the fire effortlessly. James from turns up again smile from ear to ear and his hat in hand.


'Ill go around the crowd when you guys are in full swing, don't worry about the money just put on a good show'


Flames lick the palms as our fire toys head high in the air. The woosh of burning gasoline is audible over the latin percussion. Reflections of orange mirrors our movements in the eyes of bystanders.


James fills the hat.


When its all over James comes back to us, for the half hour he had been moving through the crowd over and over collecting coins and notes. All in all we gathered over $100, the most money I've ever made on the road doing something so enjoyable. I must say, as cheesy as it sounds that coffee was the social lubricant that started these events snow balling into a night of money fun and fire.


Fatcats in Nicaagura.. highly recommended 

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  • Comment Link Leslie Carciano Monday, 27 February 2012 05:03 posted by Leslie Carciano

    Sounds like a fiery and exciting night! Haven't been to Nicaragua yet, but south/central America is on my list after I finish traveling Europe!

  • Comment Link ameme Sunday, 15 January 2012 20:50 posted by ameme

    Amazing..I'd love to go there.

  • Comment Link Amy80 Friday, 06 January 2012 00:50 posted by Amy80

    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. just put that on my bucket list.

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