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Love at first sight

Written by  Jason Bryce
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This story begins 16 years ago, when I was single, living in a suburb of Detroit, MI...


One summer evening, over dinner with several family members, I had mentioned that I was thinking of going away for a weekend, to which my sister suggested I go and stay at their cottage in Northern Michigan. Great idea...  I packed a few things and that weekend made the several hour drive. Arriving around dinner, I found a restaurant, had a nice meal, and decided to go in search of a coffee shop.


Being a small town, I decided to walk to a small cafe I had passed on the way into town. Oddly however, I deliberately passed it and continued to walk down the main street. Within minutes, I was at the door of Sweet Sams Java Joint. Looking in, I thought this might be my kind of place. Upon entering, there was no one behind the counter and it was maybe 10 or 15 seconds before a very attractive young woman came out from the back to assist me. There was something about her, that wasn't like ANYONE else I had ever met. I didn't know what it was, but she was different. I had always heard of love at first sight, but had never REALLY experienced it. That is until now. Well, I ordered, we made small talk for a few minutes, and I went on my way, but not before asking if I could see her again the next day. She agreed and we met at Sweet Sams and shared coffee up in the loft. The afternoon was spent together going to an art show in the park, dinner, a walk to the pier... The following day, I returned back to the Detroit area, very anxious to return. I didn't wait long. In fact, I found myself visiting often. Sooner than later, this woman I had met working at the coffee shop moved in to my flat and within a year, we were married. Alas, Sweet Sams is long gone, however,  we are still together and very happy...

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