Tuesday, 21 February 2012 18:13

How a Tweet led me to the best Coffee & Customer Service in San Francisco

Written by  Kate VanderVoort
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Anyone who knows me, knows I have a bee in my bonnet about customer service. Good service is so hard to find! And so is good coffee if you are in America! Today I was blown away by great customer service and great coffee….both in San Francisco. I’ve been here for 2 days and after 4 terrible coffees and jet lag setting in, I was desperate for a decent coffee. So I did what all social media specialists do, I used the tools of my trade. I Tweeted my coffee loving peeps at @SydneyCafes and asked for tips on how to get a good coffee in the US. I got a couple of suggestions, the best being go to Beanhunter.com I did a quick search and found the closest place was about a 40 minute walk, but I was determined to get a good coffee. At 10pm on a Saturday night I Tweeted that I’d be there in the morning and got this response at 8am Sunday morning. From @MavelousSF. @SocMediologist oh no, we're closed on Sun. But if u tell me time u'll stop by, I'd be glad to make u some coffee. Im not far from cafe. Now that is service! 2 hours and a cab ride later, I arrived at Mavelous and was greeted by a very friendly Philip who had come in, opened up, put on music and was ready to make coffee. It was SO worth the trip. Best coffee in San Francisco hands down!! Philip knows his stuff. He has all types of coffee making devices and I even got to sample an amazing iced coffee that takes 17 hours to make. By the time I left I was on a caffeine high and impressed to know that the Twitter headquarters were moving to across the street. Very fortuitous given that Twitter brought me to this great little place! Thanks to @sydneycafes for the retweet that lead me to @lilmarionette, who suggested @beanhunter who led me to @mavelousSF, who made me two great coffees this morning. I will be back!

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