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What is "Over Coffee"?


As a true coffee lover at heart, I always felt the liquid caffeine gave more than just a boost to my step. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. You find out a friend is getting married. You end up face to face with an intimidating first date and hide behind your Cup of Joe. You disclose deep-rooted secrets. You find yourself in a new world with new people and new coffee cultures. Even when you are alone with a cup of coffee, something is happening. Some may call it a caffeine addiction, but I choose to see it as a bonding experience. People don’t take enough time to appreciate their daily coffee rituals! The act of “having a cup of coffee” has far reaching effects – personally, interpersonally, and someday perhaps it will stand as the world’s greatest peacemaking tool.


Anything is possible: Anyone can sit over a cup of coffee. And, anything can happen.


This site is about coffee, people, travels, and about the shared experiences that take place over a cup of coffee. In addition, you can check out coffee shops in your area, add your favorite cafes to our world map, learn about different coffee cultures all over the world, and even browse our own coffee shop on our site! We welcome you to our community of people who appreciate the smaller details in life and the connections we make over a simple cup of coffee.


Read more about the inspiration behind Over Coffee in "What Do You See Possible in a Cup of Coffee?" We hope to hear more about your stories!


Since we are relatively new, if you run into any technical problems or just want to get in touch, contact us at support @over-coffee.com (without the spaces).


What you can do here:

Coffee Stories

Share your coffee stories. Who did you meet? Where did you meet? What happened? As we say, "Anyone can meet over a cup of coffee, and anything can happen!"


Connect with other users, whether they are near or far. Discover new coffee shops in your area and add your own favorite cafes to our world map! Help grow our coffee addicts community!


Coffee rituals and coffee drinks vary from culture to culture. Learn about different coffee customs and drinks in "Coffees of the World." Also, you can buy coffees and coffee gifts in our Coffee Shop!